Production is very flexible and allow to work complex particulars from small diameters to Ø 1000 mm. Each machining plant is equipped with live center, manual steady rest and driven tools.


In the main establishment there are two working centers with 13 pallets each that are managed with a computer control system that work different pieces in succession according with the customer needs and is capable to work all night without operator.

There are also a new machining center for bigger particular called “Linea Prima” (X= 1320 mm, Y=1200 mm, Z= 1250).


Quality control department verify product suitability during all machining process with calibrated measurement instruments and testing on workshop.

Before delivery products are tested on 3D measurement machine in a special air conditioned room. At customer’srequest we issue a test report.

Any non conformance is registered, analyzed and solved through Corrective Actions.


We are able to project and realize special tools for particular machining also for third parties.


Our technical department projects internally working equipment that allow to optimize time and costs of production. Thanks to the versatility of our machining centres, working equipment could be moved from one to the other without additional cost and time (to guarantee the respect of the delivery).

CNC programming is studying in detail and supported by state-of-the-art software.


Cutting department is equipped with a CNC machine capable to cut until 410 mm diameter.

Our operators follow rigid procedures to guarantee traceability of raw material in the complete supplying.

Finished and semi-finished products are stored in different storages areas. Each product is identifiable and each location in the shelfis typed into the PC to assure as soon as possible its availability.

ISO 9001 GVM Srl

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