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Find out who we are

GVM: your partner specialising in precision machining.

GVM srl is a company that has been operating for years in the field of contract machining. We started with small projects, and today we specialise in the production of medium and large components with high technological value.

In addition to machining, we provide our customers with a well-structured supply chain and order management, quality control and warehouse management services for consignment deliveries.

Discover our values


Thanks to many years of experience in the production of mechanical components that have to meet certain technical specifications, we have learnt that quality is important in every aspect of production. This is why we constantly invest in training and test every single product, without underestimating the monitoring of all production processes and final testing.

We continuously strive to improve our workmanship and prefer only suppliers who ensure clear product traceability and offer certified materials.


We are aware of the importance of meeting deadlines and keeping our commitments to our customers. Reliability is our promise, and we work tirelessly to keep it at the heart of every project. This leads us to put all the know-how we have acquired over the years at the customer’s service and also to pay great attention to production costs.

Our services go beyond the production of components and the provision of quality workmanship: we get on each company’s side by contributing to the realisation of innovative projects and promoting operational efficiency.

how we work

GVM combines the technical skills of each team member with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and information technology such as management software, optical pens for time tracking, visualisation and CAM programmes, and 3D technical drawing.

This leads us to carry out quality machining for a variety of sectors and guarantee results each time, backed by precision and the ability to ensure optimum performance.

Our achievements

GVM offers you a complete, tailor-made service for design, product supply and precision machining