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Production of complex, high-performance components.

In the vast panorama of mechanical machining, milling emerges as a process that goes far beyond the simple removal of material. During this process, the skill of the operator merges with the precision of the machine, resulting in detailed, high-performance components. Thanks to modern computerised numerical control systems, it is possible to obtain parts characterised by high quality, structural robustness and advanced functionality.

The milling department allows us to meet the needs of different projects and to work with various types of metals, enabling us to meet even the most complex needs expressed by the hydraulics, oil & gas and valve production sectors, for earth-moving machinery and gas compressors.

Thanks to our equipment, we can enjoy maximum flexibility in production, even machining different parts in succession. We can handle night work without the presence of an operator, speeding up production times and customising the number of parts delivered to the customer.

Technology at the service of your business

Our milling department is equipped with 2 machining centres with 13 pallets each. Each work cell is managed with the support of automatic software that provides for the execution of a preset work plan.

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