Quality control

controllo qualità

The process that presides over excellence

In industry and manufacturing, quality control is the process that ensures that each component meets the highest standards, ensures durability and promotes customer safety and satisfaction. Quality control goes beyond simple inspection: it is an essential operation at every stage of production, involving a series of targeted tests and analyses, from dimensional checks to strength and durability checks.

Our quality control service is carried out according to a specific methodology that includes monitoring the workings throughout the production process. We use advanced measuring instruments and sophisticated inspection techniques and carry out the various measurements directly in the field, even detecting the smallest deviations from the required specifications.

To conclude the inspection process, we perform an accurate inspection using a 3D measuring machine in a climate-controlled room. If requested, we also prepare a detailed report that we release to the customer. Each non-conformity is recorded, managed and resolved through specific interventions and related corrective actions. The GVM team also handles the traceability of individual products in a timely manner.

The different stages of our service

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of various kinds of components, we at GVM have learnt that quality is at the heart of every single production process.

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